Myofascial Release Massage Tool

Savage Blaster

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Inspired by combining the deep tissue aspect of The FasciaBlaster®️️, Ashley’s best-selling self-massage myofascial tool with the size of The PaddleBlaster™️️, the finalist for the 2019 Eco Excellence Awards in the Wellness and Alternative Remedies -- The Savage Blaster is the newest addition to Ashley Black’s Family that brings the best out of our best tools.

  • 14 Large claws
  • Bonus claws at the end
  • Super light and easy to use
  • Hollow centre unlike the PaddleBlaster
  • The large claws are great for deep tissue of large muscle groups such as legs and backs
  • Easy to reach the area between the shoulder blades with ONLY one hand
  • Covers TONS of territory with ease


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UPC/GTIN: 819036020100

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You can buy this product in 4 installments with