Myofascial Release Massage Tool

Single PaddleBlaster™

The PaddleBlaster™ is a finalist for the 2019 Eco Excellence Awards in the Wellness and Alternative Remedies! It's also is the newest addition to the FasciaBlaster® family of self-massage tools, designed by Ashley Black, inspired by her personal health triumphs. The PaddleBlaster™ is unique in that it is a larger device with 3 rows of FaceBlaster™ claws, for a total of 36 claws, allowing for efficient FULL BODY BLASTS. You can do a thorough full-body blast in only 10-15 minutes! Give yourself a skilled fascia massage on a regular basis. The PaddleBlaster™ is also an incredible Prep tool when used flat. Use the PaddleBlaster™ with all claws evenly laying across the skin to prepare the body to move on to the Massage tools. The PaddleBlaster™ is much heavier than our other tools but still has the small delicate claws, so please ensure you handle it with extra care and with dry hands. Best full body blasting tool we have, hands down!  

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