Myofascial Release Massage Tool

Single OMG Blaster

Special Price: $149.00 $119.00
OMG - Our newest addition to the Blaster family is coming soon!! All the blasting attachments you’ve been wanting for the face are here!
The OMGBlaster features 1 handle and 5 interchangeable tops to curate your ideal experience!
  • Single Mini Claw Tip the same FaceBlaster claw you love with ease of reach. Your temples and jowels will love it
  • Mini Nugget Tip our smallest version of the nugget tip for trigger point therapy and targeting wrinkles
  • Mini Flusher Tip great for Lymphatic drainage, replacing Gu Sha tools
  • Bunny Tip for detailed Blasting and areas like the lips, nasolabial, brows and crows feet
  • Scrubber Tip to stimulate your skin with the silicone scrubbing pad.Exfoliate and invigorate the skin- use with Blaster Oil

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