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Single Ashley Black's ™ Deluxe Serum

If you want to immediately tighten and lift sagging skin, look no further than Ashley Black's Deluxe Serum™.  This serum is formulated with two patented technologies that work together for a maximum tightening, lifting, and smoothing effect.  

Active Ingredients

Pepha-Tight: The Pepha-Tight complex is a highly purified algae extract that helps skin to appear firmer and more youthful. It provides an instant perceptible tightening effect, protects against oxidative stress, stimulates collagen, and long-term firming benefit when applied regularly. Pepha-Tight is a unique ingredient with the ability to support the skin’s natural vitality. It is derived from microalgae and designed to help skin appear firmer and more youthful.

Osilift: help tighten and firm skin.

Instensyl 3D EXPRESS LIFTING:  helps lift and smooths skin, provides anti-wrinkle effect. This concentrated serum features Instensyl® to deliver an instant tightening and sculpting effect to the puckered, sagging skin directly under the chin.

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