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Myo-Fascial tools that deliver
Professional Results

High Demand Beauty &
Personal Care Products

Massive $500B+ Global Beauty And Personal Care Industry [1]

The Beauty & Personal Care Segment is thriving and one of the fastest growing consumer markets. In order to be successful, retailers need:

A strong supplier/wholesaler partner that has proven market performance

Comprehensive co-op marketing and support

Production capability & reliability

Long term partnership

Innovation leading the skin and tissue regeneration space

Unique selling proposition

Quality that you can build your reputation on

Appealing gross margins

When a supplier isn't able to meet business requirements, your reputation and success is at risk.

You deserve a supplier that has the same values as you do in business.

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In-Demand Products, High Margins, Healthy Happy Customers

Ashley Black Experience is an award winning company that is built on science, quality, consumer education, and financial performance.

Ashley Black's Experience

Entrepreneur Of The Year 2020 American Business Awards

Ashley Black's Experience

Ranked #565 in 2019 For Inc. 5000 List Of The Fastest Growing Private Companies in America

Ashley Black's Experience

International Association of Top Professionals (IAOTP) Top Inventor and Business Innovator of the Year 2019

Peer Reviewed and Published Science

Over 3 Million Hyperfans

Mission Driven Company

Doctor Endorsed

The FasciaBlaster Tools
And Accessories

Engaged And Passionate Founder,
Ashley Black

Competitive Advantage

Award Winning

Featured over 400 times in media

Worry Free Marketing

From #1 Best Selling Author

Exciting Product Innovation

Over 1.5M units sold

Thousands of 5 star reviews

Beautifully crafted and tested

25 year Fascia Advocate

TEDx Speaker

1,000 Day Manufacture Warranty

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Ashley Black's Experience

The FasciaBlaster Tools Are The Leader In Fascial Therapy

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Benefits Ashley Black's Experience

FasciaBlaster Tools

Ashley Black's Experience

foam roller

Ashley Black's Experience


Ashley Black's Experience

percussion therapy

Ashley Black's Experience

surface fascia tools

Ashley Black's Experience

Trigger Pressure

Relieves muscle soreness [2]

Massage muscles [5]

Promotes recovery [7]

Increases blood flow [6]

Promotes "QI" or energy

Renegates tissue* [1]

Reduces cellulite [1]

Reduces inflammation [1]

Scrapes the skin

Ultrasound proof*

Breaks up fat [8]

Tested for safety

Designed for fascia

Increases collagen production* [1]

1000 day $ back guarantee

Dramatically Changing Lives, Feeling Better And Looking Better

Ashley Black's Experience

#BlasterSister YVONNE

"Even a 62 year old can achieve great results. I've been blasting for 16 months. I started because I had plantar fasciitis and my IT band hurt so bad that my legs were always in pain. The bonus was in the process of maintaining my pain management, and in one year, I smoothed out my cellulite too. I blast in the shower with shampoo for 10 mins total, 2-3 days a week. Patience paid off. Thank you Ashley!!!"

Ashley Black's Experience


“I blast 12 min almost daily with the Faceblaster. My hair has grown in so much, I can’t believe I was even that bald. First and last picture are 5 months apart. I’m a believer now! ”

Ashley Black's Experience


“My blasting routine is 3 to 5 times a week for 20 minutes per session on my back. I warm up by working out and lay on a heating pad for 15 minutes afterwards then blast. I blast my whole back. Up and down and side to side.”

Ashley Black's Experience


"People refuse to believe that I didn’t have a tummy tuck."

Ashley Black's Experience


“Took a before pic about three months ago when I received my faceblaster just to see if it actually worked. Then I took another pic about two months ago and again this month. I am so glad I took the photos.”

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We take all the guesswork out, by providing FREE tutorials, FREE marketing packages and FREE access to a consultant. All you need to do is apply and you will be well on your way to improving the lives of your customers and putting some cha-ching in your pocket with ease.

Ashley Black's Experience

Dr. Joe Pratile, DC, BKIN (HONS)

Dynamic Seated Upper Body Fascia Remodeling with @ilkaySkyWalker & @VancouverMuscleDoctor!"

Ashley Black's Experience

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Who We Are

For over 25 years Ashley Black has successfully worked with professional athletes who have competed in the Olympics and played in major American sports teams, as well as Hollywood A-list celebrities. The FasciaBlaster tools were designed as part of Ashley’s athletic prep and recovery sessions to help patients temporarily relieve muscle tension[2], relax painful joints [3], prevent injury [4], speed healing time and improve sports performance. [2]

Ashley Black's Experience

When Ashley launched her tools mainstream, women discovered that fascia is the system of the body that causes cellulite, encases fat pockets, and contributes to sagging skin[5]. The FasciaBlaster, designed specifically for fascia, had an amazing impact on these issues. The FasciaBlaster tools exploded onto the scene becoming an internet and media sensation for BEAUTY as well as health and wellness.

Ashley Black's Experience

We have sold over 1.5 million units sold direct to consumers and we are now offering the opportunity to professional distributors to grow their business by joining our mission to change the world, through regenerating fascial tissue! [6]

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